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We specialize in land clearing, construction preparation, excavation, and land grading. If a job requires heavy equipment, Baxter and Daughters is a one-stop shop for all of your needs.

What We Do

Excavation and Grading

Whether you need a cut, fill or land mass leveled for new construction we are here to help!

Land Clearing

We have the equipment to make quick work of even the most densely populated land areas.


No matter what you are building, it all starts with moving land to fit the specific needs of your project.

Excavation and Land Grading

Need a trench dug for external plumbing and electrical? Want to level out the ground before laying asphalt to ensure it doesn’t crack when the weather changes? Excavation and land grading are the pillars of any successful project. Below are some jobs we may be able to help with.

  • Foundation digging
  • Septic and drainage fields


  • Remove stumps, boulders and debris 
  • Driveway or Road preparation

Land Clearing

Land clearing projects can come in many shapes and sizes. Perhaps you need 10+ acres of raw land cleared in order to develop condos, or maybe you just want your backyard cleared of some stubborn debris and old trees to make room for a scenic garden. Here are some of our land clearing specialties.

  • Raw land clearing
  • Commercial logging/clearing
  • Residential clearing/parsing
  • Removal or dead or decaying debris
  • Large tree topping/removal
  • Other large boulders and debris removal


It has been said that you should never build your house on a foundation of sand, and we agree! It is extremely important to ensure that before you begin any construction, you have a strong and lasting foundation. Here is how we do our part to make sure your project will last!

  • Dig out for new foundations
  • Level ground for new construction
  • Truck in materials as needed
  • Removes excess material (dirt, gravel) 
  • Project Management
  • Manages communications with other contractors

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